Friday, July 27, 2012

Can't wait for the Olympics to start

Growing up, I wasn't really a sporty kid. I was very active in school, and I joined a lot of activities and contests except sporting events. The most sporty thing I ever did was to become a cheerleader for three straight years in high school. I just wasn't built for it. I was clumsy, and I always tripped. My ineptitude in sports was what I always considered as my greatest frustration in my life. It wasn't that I wasn't interested in sports. It was just my inability to get very physical, but I enjoyed watching games and cheering for my friends. Basketball was my favorite (all my crushes in high school played basketball, and I used to be a "score girl" in the summer after senior year during the basketball league at my high school), while volleyball came in second (all of my best friends played and I was their cheerer and water girl). Soccer I could ever comprehend.

Anyway, now that I am all grownup and I have found teleseryes to dumb - their plots insulted my intelligence...I only watch them when there's NOTHING else to watch, but let's save this for another blog post- I watch all the sports shows that I can catch. I am very much addicted to the NBA (to my husband's dismay, since he doesn't like basketball). I subscribed to the NBA league pass and paid around P5000 last season (learned my lesson though..will just subscribe to NBA team pass for the Boston Celtics for the new season). I follow a lot of NBA players and analysts on Twitter and Facebook and read a lot of basketball news. I made a Boston Celtics cake for my 30th birthday, and I have Kevin Garnett and Rajon Rondo as my cover photo and profile picture on my FB account. I also watched Smart Gilas Pilipinas last year during their trips to FIBA Asia.

At night, I watch UFC reruns with my husband (slowly beginning to enjoy it) and soccer games. I still can't understand soccer very much (although I am told it is similar to basketball), but it's okay. I also watch tennis games (especially if Novak Djokovic is playing), but for the love of God! I just hate watching MLB games (and ESPN always has them).

I am looking forward to the Olympics (will wake up early tomorrow morning and watch). I will be following Team USA even if there isn't a single Celtic player on the roster (but Kobe is there...and even if I hate Lebron, I know he's damn good!). I also enjoy synchronized swimming and gymnastics.

Sports is a whole lot more exciting than watching stupid plots with stupid characters who keep on getting kidnapped and eventually killed by the bad guys. At least for the next few weeks, I have something more wothwhile to watch.

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